NICL AO Phase 2 Descriptive Paper 2013 Topics - Comprehension - Essay Precis Writing

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For All Our Readers, We Bring You Exclusive Questions OF NICL AO 2013 Descriptive Paper. Here are the questions asked In NICL 2013 AO Exam Descriptive Papers.

NICL AO Phase 2 Descriptve Paper

Q1 . Comprehension On Manual Scavengers 

Q2. Essays :

i) Changes Mobile Phones Made On Communications

ii) Privatising Insurance Companies

Q3) Precis Writing : Indian Theatres

Manual Scavengers :

Manual scavenging is the removal of excreta (night soil) manually from “dry toilets”, i e, the toilets without modernfush system. The system of building public toilets and employing people to remove excreta was introduced during British rule in India, when municipalities were constituted. That time, often containers wereused in such toilets, that needed to beemptied daily. 

After the invention of fushtype toilets, all other types of toilets disap-peared from the western world. However,this inhumane practice continues in many developing countries including India

Changes Mobile Phones Made On Communications

Throughout history there have been lots of inventions which had deep impact on our

life. But none of these made such a big change . in such a short time like the appearance of cell phones and internet. The mobiles – as we many times refer to them – made us truly mobile. Wherever we go we can be reachable and as it is often advertised “never lose anymore a …”, and the sentence can continue with different words, like: call, message, meeting, etc.All these new stuff were so exciting since the beginning, especially for the youth. And later on – either we realized or not – they became an inseparable part of our life. 
Many of our fathers started the day with the reading of newspapers – some of them then used it also for an alternative purpose –, then they left to work. Nowadays the routine begins with checking emails and newsfeeds. So we have to admit that these two technologies brought an unprecedented technical revolution which transformed totally the whole world, independently on cultures,races, beliefs and ages.

You can have a search on google to find out more detailed info on these topics, So collect data from various sites on these topis and prepare your own essay, you will surely be beneffited once you do your own research.
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